Don’t you think it’s great?

Don’t you think it’s great?

May 28, 2021 News

The world is a global village, and making money by doing different things such as selling and recycling stuff that you do not really need anymore, has become very easy with the use of the internet. 

Are you the type who takes lots of pictures? Or do you have stories or other stuff that you’ve written stashed away and forgotten somewhere? Perhaps, you have resumes, cover letters, spreadsheets, and the likes that you made a long time ago and forgot all about them.

How would you like to find that you can make good money by uploading them onto our website and have someone who needs them buy them from you? Sounds good, right?

Here, at Recycle File, we make it extremely easy for you to sell off files that you do not need anymore. What’s more? You are not giving your old ideas or files away for free but will get a token for it from people who need them. We are all about recycling old files, as we believe that no knowledge or idea should be lost.

You can view Recycle File as a marketplace for file sharing and swapping, where you get to ‘recycle’ old and forgotten files that you are no longer in need of. Someone somewhere surely needs them, and instead of letting your innovative creations sit and go to waste, why not sell them off to someone who will find them valuable?

Apart from those who want to sell on our platform, if you are looking for a place to buy licenses to use digital products, you have come to the right place. Here at Recycle File, we allow members to upload high-quality files that you can purchase at affordable rates.

Using our website is straightforward and easy as the website is easily navigable. Also, becoming a member of Recycle File is easy enough. Membership and registration are as easy as 1, 2, 3 or a, b, c, and are free. 

What are the types of files we accept? 

Our members buy and upload a lot of different types of files. Some of these products include:

  • Images such as those of animals, people, exteriors, interiors, foods, events, textures, and patterns, and others.
  • Fonts like serif, display, script, sans serif, and others.
  • Spreadsheets.
  • Vector images such as logos, textures, icons & emblems, flags, and others.
  • Internet-related files such as JS, HTML & CSS, web templates, PHP, etc.
  • Docs such as letters & letterheads, résumés & cover letters, financial data and invoices, presentations, memos, essays & writings, and others. 
  • Spreadsheets, including those involving accounting and calculation, business data, charts & graphs, statistical analysis, and others.
  • Video-related files, including footages, motion graphics, editing templates, etc.
  • Big data including event data, geographic data, language data, network data, and others.


How safe are your files going to be?

Your files are totally safe when you upload them to our website. We do not claim ownership of the files on our platform. Rather, we act as middlemen between you and the buyer. We place serious emphasis on simplicity, clearness, and transparency, and so, we make it our duty to make sure that you get your file’s worth.


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