Intellectual Property Policy

This policy explains how we, as the service provider of Recycle File platform, address allegations of intellectual property infringement against content uploaded to our platform by vendors (sellers), and how copyright owners and authorized parties can submit valid notices of intellectual property infringement regarding this content. As allegations of intellectual property infringement are made against the content in the vendor’s (seller’s) items, this policy also explains how vendors (sellers) can respond when a DMCA takedown notice has been issued against their items.

What are your options if you think your content is being used without your permission?

1. Contact the Author directly
Consider whether you wish to contact the vendor (seller of the item) who you think might be breaching your intellectual property rights. There may be a misunderstanding that you and the vendor might be able to sort out without resorting to the formal processes.

2. Submit a takedown notice
If you’re a copyright owner, or have the authority to act on behalf of a copyright owner, then you may consider sending us a takedown notice requesting we take down content uploaded by a vendor.

How to Contact us

If you have any questions about intellectual property, please contact at

Version 1.0 - Effective date: 05 May 2021.