Is There Value In Those Old, Forgotten Documents And Files?

Is There Value In Those Old, Forgotten Documents And Files?

June 16, 2021 News

Recycle File, a company based in Seoul, South Korea, has found an innovative way to bring monetary value to those old, dust-collecting PDFs, PNGs, Word documents, and other documents.

Recycle File is a platform for recycling old files that are no longer of use. No matter what someone does and who they are, everyone seems to have at least a few files that they no longer need and take up valuable space on a computer or the shelf. Files can be writing samples, an old résumé, a cover letter, pictures someone took, a short story, fonts that a user created, images and vector images, coding (HTML, CSS, web templates), letterheads, contracts, presentations, essays, charts, graphs, data, and so much more.

This site is where users upload their old files and get paid by a buyer who purchases them for their own use. The company seeks to introduce the concept of recycling one’s useless files since they can be valuable to someone. Their registration is easy for users to participate in and complete. There is no membership needed, nor any monthly fees to participate. Sellers log in, list their items, get paid; buyers can log in and purchase things they want without any obligation to return.

Recycle File has made tremendous strides since its humble beginnings in Seoul, South Korea. They are dedicated to providing users with the very best digital platform for file swapping, emphasizing simple, clear, and transparent procedures and sales transactions for both sellers and buyers.

This platform benefits from the trend of recycling goods instead of throwing them out, such as clothes, furniture, even food.

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